Through fusing different sets of logics, interesting spaces can manifest. Speculative high-tech materials and manufacturing technology can transform liquids into solid materials and back again.  Making it possible for physical realities to exist while at the same time containing digital information and qualities, this scenario creates possibilities for temporal expressions and experiences of ever-changing spaces.  
This project investigates a meeting between basic geometric shapes and figural architectural elements that have been manipulated or ‘glitched’. In this case study a digital reality creates a physical output in the intermediate between a strict grid and a collection of figural elements. These manifested objects form a group of loose assemblages which can be experienced as a space or an interior.  
The relationships between alignments/misalignments and recognizable/non-recognizable creates a dynamic meeting between logics.  
By using boolean operations and extracting the imprints of the figural elements from a grid of boxes, partly informed by an algorithmic script, my intention is to investigate the shapes formed by these operations.  Through using mappings and projection mappings constructed by glitched images, the logics of the digital strata and the three-dimensional physical meet and inform each other, creating a morphed mass of physical and digital strata.