Migrating Flows of Material and Agents of Change
By approaching a site, understanding it and 'making' it in that process we investigate flows of material and how they can change a site that operates as an island. The openings or entrances in the boundaries help define the boundary itself. Where are the openings to the site? Where does the island begin? 

Our approach has been to investigate how we can construct a material flow through the borders that leaves traces and effects the island. As to make things 'float ashore' to the island, they must first be washed up on the 'beach'. That is where the boundary is. The beach is also where the openings in the boundary is, where you easily can access the island. 
By planting/bringing/putting materials on the beach of the island through intraventions the material begins a flow both inwards and outwards of the island. This action can represent the future, mixing the surrounding area with the island and start a process of transformation and gentrification. 

The material travels into the island and therefore changes it on some level. Possibly this can start a reaction of events we cannot fully follow or understand the effect of. The material also has a way about it, being able to travel to spaces our physical bodies cannot enter, inside fenced and boundaries, spaces inbetween. By giving the island an input, the island responds.
Collaboration with Teemu Perttunen (www.teemuperttunen.com)